Proactive, Not Reactive

Prevention is the best cure! The proactive care model is a win-win scenario for everyone. More billable hours for you and longer and healthier lives for your patients.

Proactive +

Monitoring your patients activities of daily living (ADL) is a good start to providing proactive care. We do that and more. AlwaysNear Telehealth combines ADL with vitals, patient reminders, predictive analytics, and much more.


Activities of Daily Living

24/7 comprehensive monitoring that logs everything from eating and sleeping habits to toilet usage, sedentary time, and beyond.

  • Eating habits
  • Sleeping habits
  • Hygiene
  • Bathing
  • Toilet
  • Sedentary time
  • Transferring
  • Taking medication
  • Communication
  • Physical activity
  • Dressing
  • Mobility


Log continuous beat-by-beat blood pressure (cNIBP), heart rate, HRV, SpO2, weight, glucose, and Hb.


Patient Reminders

Finishing treatment at home can be the difference between the patient getting well or getting worse. Automated reminders make sure your patients are taking their medication, on time for appointments, and following any treatment instructions.


Text Message

Home Assistant

Predictive Analytics

The system is smarter than you may expect! Machine learning allows the AlwaysNear Telehealth system to look for early signs of common complications. It is constantly learning, refining, and improving to provide reliable results.


Mobility / Fall


Sleep Disorders


Rapid Weight


UTI / GI Issues


Memory Issues




Get notified in the event of an emergency or when your patients are exhibiting signs of possible medical conditions. Customize and route alerts as you see fit.


Select from a list of predefined alert triggers and customize them to fit your needs. Events can be caused by the patient performing or missing an action. A sudden increase in urination or missing medications are good examples.


Alerts are sent to recipients you select. They can be escalated if the recipient does not respond in time or rerouted at your convenience. All alerts and actions are recorded for accountability and insurance.


Most alerts require some action. You can simply dismiss, postpone, or reroute them or you can take detailed actions such as scheduling a phone call or visit. Machine learning helps the system keep pertinent actions readily available.